5 Internet Advertising Tips
Why do you need to build a website for a business and when can you settle for a Facebook page? Where to invest your online advertising budget – Google, Facebook, Tabula, or Outbrain? And what is remarketing and Google Analytics? Five Important Tips for Internet Business Marketing
Not just for a new business:
Important Internet Marketing Tips
Every business, new or old, will have to resort to online advertising at some point – to attract new customers, increase sales, and maximize profits.

In the age of digital marketing, there are so many options for advertising in almost every possible price range, and it is certainly possible to get confused and spend money on marketing moves that will not necessarily lead to the desired results. Here we have compiled for you our five main tips for marketing an online business, for a start-up or existing business, which is at the beginning of its path online.

  1. Build a website or settle for a Facebook page?
    Building a website is recommended for any business that takes itself seriously, and wants customers to be able to find it through a Google search or reach it through an ad – and contact it.

Is a Facebook business page or Instagram profile not enough for a small business? The answer is that if the business expects to grow and develop – then usually not: Facebook marketing or Instagram advertising is good for exposure only to the audience that is on these social networks, and can be reached through appropriate advertising.

Here are two things to keep in mind:

The content you upload to your Facebook page is not crawled and does not appear in Google’s search results (the page itself does, the content does not), so if someone searches Google for the service you offer – they probably won’t find you.
Some of your audience is not or not active on Facebook or Instagram at all. Think of people you know who do not have Facebook or those who have a profile but enter it once a month. These are the people who will never find your business if you only operate on Facebook or Instagram.

Therefore, almost every business needs a website, and it is very important that it is adapted for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and will include a form for leaving details on each of its pages.

  1. Advertising on the Internet: Google, Facebook, Tabula or Outbrain?
    Not every advertising method is suitable for every business: for some businesses, a specific method will work, and for other businesses, it will be right to combine several methods in parallel.

Thus, for example, there are businesses for which what is most suitable is advertising on Google – especially businesses that people tend to search when needed – such as an electrician, air conditioner technician, flower delivery and the like. There are those for whom Facebook marketing manages to generate quality inquiries, and there are businesses for which the promotion of a marketing article by advertising in Tabula or Outbrain works better than any other method.

For some businesses, successful marketing is done by combining two or more advertising methods, for example – a law firm that publishes ads on Google and also a marketing article in Tabula, will succeed in attracting quality traffic to potential customers (those who came to it through Google advertising or surfers who read the article ), And later he will be able to remarket (remarketing) on ​​Facebook or Google to all visitors to the site, who in this way will continue to be exposed to the firm’s ads over time.

Before you scatter money everywhere, consult an Internet marketing expert, who will guide you to the advertising methods that are exactly right for your business, and which will succeed in achieving the desired results.

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  1. Remarketing (remarketing)
    If you have a website with reasonable traffic – do not give up remarketing advertising on Facebook and Google.

This means “marking” the device of surfers who have visited your site, so that they will continue to be exposed to your advertisements or content even after they have left it. You can remarket by Facebook ads or Google ads, which appear as banners on other sites.

It does not really matter if the same surfers came to the site naturally or as a result of campaigns leading to it. Internet marketing through remarketing is the way to reach the highest quality audience for the business, and even requires a not large advertising budget relative to other advertising options. Compared to other audiences, this is the audience with the highest probability of closing a deal.

What do you do if there is a website but there is almost no traffic to it?

Promoting marketing articles on content sites is considered one of the most effective tools for attracting relevant surfers to the site, through advertising content on Outbrain or Tabula (this is also a recommended advertising method for recruiting quality leads). The link to the article will appear on sites such as CNN, the directors, google my business, and the like – and when clicked will lead you to the site.

From the moment the surfers log in to read the article, their device will be marked and it will be possible to remarket and show them ads on Facebook or Google.

  1. Focus on your area, not areas you are unfamiliar with
    Do not try to do on your own something that is not within your fields, such as graphic design, photo photography, marketing writing, building a website, or advertising in a system you are not familiar with.

If you are not a graphic designer or at least a talented amateur, it is not advisable to try to design the posts for Facebook yourself (this will usually look like part of a high school student’s PowerPoint presentation). If you do not know how to write marketing content at a good level, do not fill your site with clichés or a rush of information that will look very unprofessional to site surfers.

The same is true for building a website, advertising on the Internet, and using images for marketing purposes: if you do not program and do not understand code, do not try to build a website yourself. And if you are unfamiliar with Facebook’s advertising system – there is no point in burning your budget on promoting a post that will reach mainly an Arabic-speaking audience.

If you need images for the marketing materials of the business, use quality images from an image repository like Shutterstock or RF123 (it costs a total of a dollar or two per image), or those professionally taken by a photographer. Do not copy images you found on Google (this is a copyright infringement and it is illegal), and bad images you take yourself will probably not promote your business anywhere.

In other words, either you will learn how to do all these things professionally – or you will simply pay real professionals

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